Create a Backgammon Tournament for Free!

Only for this July, July of 2022, you can create a backgammon tournament at the iTavli Tournament page for free. But, this comes with few restrictions:

  • Only your first backgammon tournament is free. You will have to pay for additional tournaments that you would create at the iTavli Tournament page
  • The maximum number of players is 20.
  • If you want to create a tournament for more than 20 players, and this is your first tournament, then you will not pay for the first 20 players

So, go to the iTavli Tournament page and create your first tournament. Don’t worry if the system asks you to pay for the tournament. We will take care of this payment and send you an email to inform you that you are ready to participate in the tournament. If you select to invite more than 20 players, we would update the payment so that you pay only for the extra players, e.g., if you enter 25 players, you will pay only for 5 players.

Good luck for the tournament!