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Gulbara uzbechka rules!

Starting position like ordinary gulbara.Different between ordinary traditional gulbara and gulbara uzbechka was in movement checker!In gulbara uzbechka both of players beginning with one checker,not two like ordinary gulbara.If player throwed double dice,if player can played all double dice,have right to throwing dices again.Example-player throwed 44,and if played all four dices,player have right throwing dices again.If player cant not played all four dices,played opponent,and opponent throwing dices!

Same all rules and with single dices-if player throwed 54,and played five but four no can played playing four opponent.If player cant playing 54,54 played opponent!

When bearing off checkers in homeboard,you take it checkers in points only where have checkers and they match of value of the dices.Forbiden movement on homeboard-taken checkers only from column,if match of value of the  dice!



Enjoying with new colorful excited game!

When bearing off checkers in gulbara uzbechka and mad gulbar uzbechka-in homeboard movement forbidden and progression of double dices stops-you bear only 4 checker,no more.But you can bearing checkers from next seniority-if column with 6 is empty,you bearing checkers from column 5.



Dear players,enjoying game!

In gulbara uzbechka,and mad gulbar uzbechka has limitations-no can build the wall of six checkers.But anyone of players,when throwing double dices,limitations gone-then you can build the wall of six checkers!






Dear players,enjoying the game!