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iTavli Tournament, starts on April 2nd 2021

iTavli will be 10 years old in April, and we celebrate this event with a Backgammon Tournament. Go to iTavli Tournament site and create an account (in case you don't have one). Then, send us an email ( you can use the contact form in this page or in the Tournament's site), and we will add you in the Tournament. Only 100 players can participate in this tournament.

The Tournament will start on Friday, April 2nd 2021. You will compete in the Backgammon game. Each round lasts 2 days, and there is 1 day off (relax period) between each round.

When we add a user to the tournament we send an email to inform him/her.

You can participate in the tournament either from a mobile device (iOS or Android) or the web. Here are the instructions 

Also, at the following page you can read about how each tournament is organized.


The Tournament is started! Good luck to all contestants.

You can play in this tournament either from your mobile device or your computer. Follow the instructions at the page Join a Tournament

The Tournament is organized in rounds. Each round lasts for 2 days, and there is one day relax period. Thus, the first round will end on April 4th, and the second one will start on April 6th

The first round of the Tournament is over. Unfortunately, no player qualified to the next round. This is because each player did not play a game against all players who are in the same group with him/her.