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Nutrition in sport: Adapting the nutritional pyramid to the characteristics of the athlete's diet.

Despite advances in the field of sports nutrition and the importance of proper nutrition for improving physical and sporting performance, both recreational and professional athletes often forget to include the planning of an optimal diet and hydration regimen as part of the overall strategy for preparing for sport. Physiological and metabolic adaptations of the body as a consequence of physical exercise lead to the need to increase calorie intake (according to energy expenditure) and protein intake (based on the body's trophic needs). Greater attention should also be paid to the intake of vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins, as well as zinc and chromium. This helps to optimise the metabolism of carbohydrates, which ultimately limit the duration of exercise. During the training phase, the diet should provide 60% carbohydrates, protein intake should be around 1.2- 2 g/kg/day and, in general, the recommendations of the nutritional pyramid should be followed. During the pre-, per- and post-competition phases, the healthy aspect of the diet is complemented by the need to obtain good physical-sporting performances and to guarantee a fast and efficient recovery. Once again, high or medium glycaemic carbohydrates and water are the elements of the diet to which most attention should be paid. In conclusion, the athlete must follow a dietary regime appropriate to the increased expenditure and metabolic turnover to which he or she is subjected. The nutritional pyramid is a graphic representation that makes it easier to understand and follow a healthy diet. This work adapts and presents this pyramid to the characteristics of the athlete's diet, considering in an eminently practical way the types and quantities of food that should be ingested based on the nutritional contribution that they determine for the subject who carries out physical-sporting activity.

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