How to Organize a Backgammon Tournament

We enjoy a backgammon game when we play against other people. We enjoy it even more when we participate in a backgammon tournament. iTavli supports both types of game, and in this article we will describe the steps that one needs to take in order to organize a backgammon tournament with the iTavli application.

Backgammon Tournament

Create the Tournament

The very first thing that we need to do is to go to iTavli Tournament page and create a new tournament. There, you can set the starting date of the tournament, select the number of players that will participate in the tournament, and pick the game that the players will compete at. Since iTavli supports so many variants of the backgammon game, we can create a tournament for any of these variants. When we finish this process we will receive an email with the tournament code. Do not make this code public!

In order to create a tournament, we need first to login to your account. If you do not have one, go ahead and create one. The process is straight forward, and it is free!

Join / Participate in the Tournament

In the previous step we simply created a tournament. Namely, we informed the system that we want to organize a backgammon tournament on the selected date, and for the selected game. Now, we need to participate in that tournament. For that, we will use the tournament code that we received in our email. Once again, we go to iTavli Tournament page, and we click on the link to Join. As before, we need to have an account at the iTavli Tournament page in order to join a tournament. Keep in mind that when we created the tournament we gave the number of players that could participate in that tournament. Thus, everybody who has this tournament code, can join your tournament. No more players than the number of players that we selected in the tournament creation process can join a tournament.


On the starting date of the tournament we need to use the iTavli application to play on the tournament. But, firstly, we need to join this tournament on our mobile device (iOS or Android) or on the WEB version. Now, we do not need to use the tournament code, instead, we need our email and password that we use to login to iTavli Tournament page. Note, that if we have not done the previous step of participating in the tournament, this step would fail with an error message.

On the devices (or the WEB version) we join a tournament by clicking on the Join Tournament button. This will create a new dialog, prompting us to enter our credentials. Note, that these are the credentials for the iTavli Tournament page, and not the iTavli page.

We can always exit from a tournament, and join it again. There is no limit on how many times we do this.

While we are in a tournament, we see only the players who have also joined that tournament. We can play all the games that the iTavli supports, but only the one with the tournament icon will affect our tournament score. Also, we can play against any player we like, but, once again, only those players with the tournament icon will affect our score.

Enjoy the game!