How to Play an Online Backgammon Game

This article is a continuation of playing a Backgammon game article, which gave detailed instructions on how to start a local backgammon game with the iTavli app. Even though the process to start an online game is the same in all versions, we focus only on the web version.

We start the iTavli game by clicking on the PLAY button.

Invite a player to a game

In order to play an online backgammon game we need first to login / register.

iTavli Login screen
iTavli: Login screen
iTavli Signup screen
iTavli: Signup screen

For the registration we need a valid email address, and a password. We require a valid email address so that we can keep track of your online statistics. You will only receive a verification email from us, and we will never bother you again.

Once we are logged in, we click on the “Online Players” button.

iTavli Start an online game
iTavli: Start an online game

And we get the list of online players.

iTavli list of online players
iTavli: List of online players

The above list has 7 rows, and each row has the following information:

  • Player’s name
  • Player’s color: The color of the checker in the right end, and it designates the color that the checkers will have in a game
  • Points: These are the points that the player has earned since the beginning of time
  • Running device, and running version
  • Game outcome: Total points that we will earn or lose if we win or lose that game
  • Games that a player wishes to play: Designated in brown color

Note, that the number next to a player’s name denotes how many times that player has being reported because (s)he abandoned a game. Thus, NAK2 has abandoned a game at least 43 times.

We invite a player to a game by clicking on it, and then by selecting the game that we wish to play.

iTavli: Select the game
iTavli: Select the game

As we see on the screen, the selected player wants to play the following 4 games:

  • Modern Backgammon
  • Backgammon
  • Blockgammon
  • Narde

We click on any game from that list, and then we wait for his/her response. If (s)he accepts our invitation, the game continues like the local game does. If not, we can try to select another game or another player.

Receive an invitation to a game

In the previous section we saw how to invite a player to a game. But, we can also be invited to a game. This invitation will appear only if we are in the main screen or if we are playing a local game. We will not be invited to an online game if we are already playing an online game.

iTavli: Invitation to an online game
iTavli: Invitation to an online game

When we receive an invitation to a game, we have about 8 seconds to respond. If that time has elapsed, the dialog is dismissed. If we accept the invitation, the game is started like a local game does.

Play an online game

There is no difference between playing an online game and a local game. Except, of course, that we are playing against another human being. Because of that, we can also chat with the other player. Please, be courteous, and do not offend your opponent.

iTavli: Chat
iTavli: Chat

In the mobile version we can also place a bet, to make things a little more interesting. But, we will talk about the mobile versions in a different article.

Enjoy the game!