How to Report a Player in an Online Game

In previous articles we described all the steps that a player needs to take in order to play an online game and to end an online game. In this article we will focus on how to report a player. You can report a player only when you play an online game, and not when you play a local game (either on the same device or via Bluetooth).

In an online game, each player has about 1 minute to make his/her move. If that time is elapsed, the system assumes that either the player is occupied on the phone or that (s)he has left the game. Thus, the system gives the other player the opportunity to quit the game. If (s)he decides to quit the game, (s)he is automatically announced the winner of that game, and returns back to the main menu to start a new online or local game.

Dialog for Quitting a Game

This dialog is from the mobile version of the iTavli application. We will soon add this functionality in the Web version

When your opponent has not made a move within the available time frame, you will see the following dialog:

This dialog has three buttons. The first two buttons will terminate the game. The third button, will close this dialog, and will reset the timer for your opponent. Therefore, you give your opponent a second chance to make his/her move. We propose to click/tap on the No button once, before you terminate the game. Don’t forget, that your opponent could be on an important phone call.

The first two buttons will terminate the game. You are automatically announced the winner of that game, and you go back to the main screen to start a new local or online game. When you click on any of these two buttons, your opponent will see the following dialog:

If you click / tap on the first button, in addition to terminating this game, you are also reporting this player. The player won’t receive any message / notification, but the number that each player has been reported appears in the list of online players, and in the invitation dialog:

The number in parenthesis next to the name of a player denotes how many times that player has been reported. If that number is missing, then that player has never been reported.

We do understand that is possible for a player to receive an important phone call during a game. That’s why, we propose to give a player a second chance before you quit a game. But, then again, there are other players who deliberately abandon a game when they see that that they can not win. It is not possible to understand why a player has not made his/her move within the given time frame. But, the number that a player has been reported is a good indication of the way that this player plays an online game.

Enjoy the game!