iOS version 5.2.5 and 5.2.4

We are pleased to inform you that the iOS app is updated to version 5.2.5. In this version we fixed a couple of issues in the code for watching a replay of a game. We also enhance the UI in the Info Screen.

In version 5.2.4 we made the following changes:

  • Split a move into smaller moves when you can hit your opponent
  • Control the indicator of the possible moves in the Settings screen, (default value is ON)
  • Minor changes in the AI code

A move is split only when you roll doubles, and only when you can hit your opponent. Thus, tt is available in Backgammon like games. It is not available in the Narde or in the Plakoto games.

The second feature was requested, and it controls the indicator on the board which informs you about the possible positions that you can move the selected checker. By default it is enabled.

Finally, we improved the AI code. Now, it is a lot smarter, and we will keep trying to make it even smarter.