Mobile Version 5.2

The mobile version is updated to version 5.2 with an important change/fix in the code for online game. We also fix a minor bug in the code for the tournament game, and we improve the UI in the Android tablet devices.

As you already know, when you play an online game, each player has a small amount of time to make his/her move. If that time has elapsed and no move is made, a dialog appears prompting the opponent to quit the game. If you decide to not quit the game, this dialog will appear again, after the same amount of time, if your opponent has not made his/her move. You are free to wait for as long as you like.

The above code is working well when both players are online. But, we discovered a bug in our code when one of the players was offline. It doesn’t matter why you decided to put the iTavli application in the background. Once you do this, the other player sees a message saying that you are offline. In the previous versions when you were offline and then back online two things could happen:

  • See a dialog that your opponent has failed to make his/her move in the given time-frame, and thus you could quit the game and win that game!!
  • Your opponent has decided to quit the game, but you are not informed of this, and consequently, you are waiting for him/her to make a move in vain

In version 5.2 we fixed both cases!

In addition to the above fix, we also fixed the UI in the Android tablets. Now, the advertisement will not interfere with the buttons in the main screen.

Finally, we fixed a small bug in the code for the tournament. In particular, we set the length of a match only for the Modern Backgammon game.

Because of all these bug fixes, we strongly recommend to update your version to 5.2. The WEB version is not affected by these issues.