Private Rooms, iOS version

An iTavli user can play an online game by following the next 3 steps:

  1. Send an invitation to a player
  2. If that player accepts it, the game will commence
  3. If not, the user would send an invitation to another player, and the above process repeats

Even though this is a fairly easy to do task, it can be cumbersome, as some players reject the invitation to a game. This reluctance of some players to play an online game, motivated us to create the Private Rooms.

What is a Private Room?

As its names suggests, a Private Room is a room. Everyone can join it, and exit it. But, players who join a private room can interact only with players who have also joined that room. It seems like we are isolated from the rest of the world, and hence the word “Private”.

Obligations of Users who Join a Private Room

A user in a private room can play all available games, free of charge, and without ads. But, if another user invites him/her to an online game, (s)he has to accept the invitation. If (s)he rejects it, (s)he would exit the room.

Also, a user is not allowed to abandon an online game. If (s)he choose to quit an online game, (s)he would exit the room.

How much does it cost to Join a Private Room?

This cost is set when a user creates a private room. But, the minimum cost is 30 coins. All new users have 50 coins, and we see that at the bottom of the main screen. If we tap on the “+” button next to that number, we see a list of methods to acquire more coins.

iTavli: Buttons to join a Private Room and get more coins
iTavli: Buttons to join a Private Room and get more coins

When we tap on the button “Private Rooms” we get the next screen, which displays the list of available rooms.

iTavli: List of available Private Rooms.

We join a room by tapping on it. Each row has the following information:

  • Name: Name of the room
  • Games: Available games that the users who join that room can play
  • Fee: The coins that a user needs to pay in order to enter that room
  • Info for betting: If the betting is allowed in that room, we see what is the minimum and maximum bet amount.

Create a Private Room

It is extremely easy to create a new private room, and anyone can do it. Once we are in the screen with the list of available private rooms, we tap on the button “Create Room”. This action brings up the following dialog.

iTavli: Dialog to create a private room
iTavli: Dialog to create a private room

The first two fields are mandatory. The two fields for the bet are not, and if they both are emptied or set to 0, betting is not allowed in that room. Otherwise, both fields must have a non-zero value. The list of Games displays which games the users who join that room can play. By default all games are available, but feel free to select as many games are you like. The “i” button at the left end of each row is the help button for that row.

Join a Private Room

We join a private room by tapping on a row. The process takes a few seconds, and when it is over we go back to the main screen.

When we join a private room, the buttons to “Watch Live Games” and “Private Rooms” disappear. Instead, we see the button to “Exit Room”. If we tap on that button, we exit the private room. Beside this minor change, the UI is exactly the same with the one we have when we are not in a private room. Thus, we can browse the available games, and play a local game or invite a player to an online game. We can change the Settings and view a player’s Profile.

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Enjoy the game!