Russian Narde, Plakoto Express and Khacapuri

The iOS version 4.8.1 and the Android version 4.8.2 are released and support these three variants. The Web version already supported them.

Russian Narde

In the Russian Narde game you place the checkers like in the Narde – Fevga game, and you move them counter – clockwise. You are not allowed to hit your opponent’s single checker, and you may move checker(s) to open or friendly occupied spaces. Here is a full list of all the Rules of the Russian Narde game.

Plakoto Express

In the Plakoto Express game the checkers are positioned and moved like the Plakoto – Blockgammon game, but there are two important differences:

  • If a player rolls doubles then those are played in the normal way and then every succeeding doubles is rolled up to and includes 6-6.
  • If the player can not play a double, looses the remainder of his/her turn, and the opponent plays those before his/her turn.


In the Khacapuri game the checkers move counter-clockwise, and they are positioned like you see in the image.

iTavli: Khacapuri configuration
iTavli: Khacapuri configuration

Your checkers may land on open or friendly occupied space. You can not land on a space that even has a single non-friendly checker.

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Enjoy the game!