Update the Code for Computing the Online Score in the Statistics Screen

In the Statistics Screen we display the score that each player has, based on the online games that (s)he has played until now. This score is computed by adding the points a player has won or lost, multiplied by a weight, in each online game. In the mobile version we also give the number of online games that a player has won or lost, and we even break down the score in previous years and in previous months in the current year.

But, while we were reviewing the code that adds the points for each player, we found a bug. We were not counting correctly the points for the games that a user chose to quit a game. A user can chose to quit a game when a certain period of time has passed and the opponent hasn’t made a move. In that case, a dialog appears prompting the user to choose if (s)he wants to wait for the opponent or to quit the game. For these games, the winner may even earn 2 points, but this is only when the two players are playing for a long period of time. Otherwise, it will earn 1 point. The opponent, will lose the exact point(s) that the winner has won.

Because of that fix some users may see a change in their score. We apologize for the inconvenience