WEB version 4.5

We are pleased to announce that the WEB version is updated to version 4.5. In this version we improved the code that breaks a move into smaller moves. This code is executed only when it is possible to hit your opponent. Thus, it is not executed in all games, but only in those that you can hit your opponent, e.g. Backgammon.

This code is executed when you roll doubles but also with any other combination of the dices. Let’s assume that you roll 6 – 4, and you move a checker by 10 places. If your opponent has an empty checker as a distance equal to 6 places, then, your single move will break into two moves. One at 6 places away from the starting point, and another one, 4 places away from the previous position. Thus, even if you missed hitting your opponent, the computer will hit it for you.