Welcome to iTavli – Best Backgammon Game

The iTavli – Best backgammon game has a large collection of backgammon games. In the section Games we list these games, along with a short description of the rules. You can play these games against your computer or against other online players. You start the iTavli app by clicking on the PLAY button.

It is Free to play a game, and it will always be. But if you wish to play an online game, you need first to login. The registration is also Free, and we promise you that we will never contact/spam you. We need a valid email address so that we can keep track of your online statistics.

Finally, we inform you that the web version is developed to run on computers. It may run on some tablets, but we advise against it. Instead, you can download the mobile versions from the links in the footer. In later posts we will write an article (or more) on the mobile versions. But, for now, it suffices to say that the mobile version is far more advanced than the web version. The main features are available in all versions, but in the mobile version you can watch a live game, you can watch a replay of a game, and you can place a bet during a game.

Thank you. Enjoy the game!

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