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Crazy russian narde

The rules different from short backgammon,we will tell you about them!

Each player receives fifteen checkers,which are arranged in a row,each player called"head".According to the rules,no more than one checker can be removed from each row in one move.But there is an exception-if player throwing double dice,the the player receives privillege,and can remove two checkers from the head per turn/succseeding doubles.They move sequentially,one after another,allways in the opposite direction from the clockwise movement.

Pay attention to the following feature-if the opponents checker is already on the division ,it is forbidden to"chop".The number of checkers located on one divisione is not limitted.

It is forbidden to create screeners if there are no checkers of the opponent on subsequent divisions behind the screen.

You get the right to remove the checker from the field if it is located on the division,which corresponds to the number of points scored on the dice.Of course,there are situations,when there will be no such checkers,and therefore you need to shift the chips from older divisions to younger ones.It is not necessary to carry out and removing checkers at each move-the rules allow their movement in the house.

Is a link available to this game?