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New Backgammon game,new pleasure!

Dear Players,i offering 5th type russian ordinary backgammon-russian mad backgammon(russian ordinary longgammon).This game a true race between players:



All checkers start of the board.Both player entering checkers from one place,and movement in one direction,and bearing off same place-same finishing table.In this game enforced rules of regular backgammon.Different is doble dices-and now i tell you that!

Example:if player throwed double dice 55,player have right playing complement roll of dices 22(5+2=7).Then player throw dices again,if again throw doubles play four doubles,and complement rolls example 66-11.

If you can playing doble dice,you can not playing other dices,and you lose the rest.

In beginning of game,when you entering checkers,and throw doubles,you can play only four doubles.When entering all checkers,then you can played and complement doubles(the flip side) of the dices.

Hitting and scoring as in regular backgammon.





Dear Players,enjoy with new game,have fun!





Original rules and diagram to russian backgammon(russian ordinary longgammon)