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FIXED: Problem in the Online game with iOS devices

We discovered that in the iOS devices (both iPhone and iPad) you can play an online game. You can browse the online games, you can invite a player (or be invited) to a game, but once the invitation is accepted, you will stop at the screen for selecting which players plays first. We believe that will soon have a new iOS version that fixes this problem.

This WEB and the Android users are not affected by this iOS problem, and can play an online game against each other.

The problem is fixed in iOS version 5.3.2. Please update your iOS app to version 5.3.2

If you are running version 5.3.2 (or later) you can enjoy an online game against others online players (iOS, Android or Web). But, if you choose to play against other iOS player, please make sure that (s)he has version 5.3.2 (or later) installed.