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Problem with the Online Game

As you may have noticed the online game for iOS is not working very well. In particular if you have updated the OS on your device to version 13 and 13.1. Unfortunately, the code that we wrote for the online game for all platforms is based on the code that is developed by another company. We have already contacted them, but, they are extremely slow in their response.

Because of that we decide to use the code of a different company. We are already in the process of testing it. If everything goes we will release a new iOS version. The Android and the Web version will then follow.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

The new code is almost ready for the iOS version. We are in the process of testing it. A new version should be available soon

The iOS version 4.8.7 is ready for download. Because we had to rewrite the code for the online game, this version is not compatible with the old versions. The Android app will soon be updated to use that new code for the online game.

The Android version 4.8.6 is ready for download. This version is compatible with the latest versions of the iOS app