Rules of Narde

The Narde game has only one configuration, the left.

Narde configuration
Narde configuration

In the Narde game, you start from the top right corner, and you move counter – clockwise.

Movement of the checkers

You roll the dice to determine how many spaces one or more checkers will move. In addition to the most important rule, backgammon has these rules:

  • You are not allowed to hit your opponent’s single checker, and you may move checker(s) to open or friendly occupied spaces.
  • When the game starts, you need to move one checker to your opponent’s base area, before you can move the other checkers.
  • You can not block all 6 spaces in your base area!
  • If your opponent can not move any checker (not because he/she can not roll the right dice, but because his/her checkers are blocked), you need to move one checker to allow him/her to move his/her checkers.