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WEB version 4.1

We are pleased to inform you that the WEB version is updated to 4.1. In this version we simplified the process for playing an online game. We removed the button “Online Players”, and we added a button with the number of online players next to the button “PLAY”, as you see in the next screenshot.…

Mobile Version 5.0

We are pleased to announce that version 5.0 for mobile devices is available. This version has some minor but important changes in the UI, but most importantly, you can join and play in a backgammon tournament that is created at the Tournament iTavli site. (Visited 26 times, 1 visits today)

Priming Game

A Prime is a row of spaces that is occupied by checkers and is blocking our opponent (or us). The effectiveness of a prime is determined by its length, and by the number of checkers that are blocked (or trapped) behind it. According to the article on Possible Outcomes of Rolling Two Dice, all numbers…